Hannah & Amanda in a wine fight: “Sorrow for us”

Amanda Schulman and Hannah Widell have built a media empire around their company “Perfect day” with several popular podcasts at the center.

But they have also created other products under the brand, which has attracted many of the sibling duo’s fans. Including a wine.

But in the latest episode of the duo’s podcast “Fredagspodden” Hannah Widell and Amanda Schulman talk about the conflict with the company Contemporary Wines, which they think is parasitizing their brand, write The Express.

“Every day I get pictures from you cuties when you take pictures when you drink Perfect day and I understand that you think it’s our wine, but unfortunately we have nothing to do with it,” says Hannah Widell.

Contemporary Wines and the podcast profiles previously had a collaboration, but it is now discontinued. However, the wine company retains the rights and still markets the wine as “Perfect day”.

— It’s not our wine and it’s so terrible, says Amanda Schulman.

Contemporary Wines CEO Philip Sane says in a written comment to Expressen that he does not want to comment on previous or current agreements, “but is still thinking about what measures we should take”.