HandOfBlood ranted about Baller League on Twitch, now says: “Just a misunderstanding”

After an initial misunderstanding, Twitch streamer HandOfBlood is allowed to stream the Baller League final, which is taking place today.

What happened? In a stream, Twitch streamer Max “HandOfBlood” Knabe mentions that he was not allowed to stream the Baller League final. Clips of this are spreading on social media, whereupon HandofBlood recently commented on it again in his stream on Twitch.

The streamer reports an update and says that there was a misunderstanding between the Baller League and him. The current status is now “that they are looking, that maybe something can be done”, but the planning for him and his team is now quite short-term.

It is important to him that they do not plan anything “half-baked”.

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The stream for the Baller League finals is taking place

When does the stream take place? The final of the Baller League will take place today, April 8th, 2024. In a freshly posted story on his Instagram channel, HandOfBlood confirmed again that the stream will take place.

The stream starts around 6 p.m. on the HandOfBlood Twitch channel. Eintracht Spandau plays at 8:30 p.m. However, the streamer is not yet revealing what exactly is planned for the stream. However, we know that he will of course be there again in the finale in his popular role as President Boy.

What is the Baller League about? The Baller League, initiated by soccer stars Mats Hummels and Lukas Podolski, started on January 22nd. In a former hangar of the Cologne Motorworld, twelve teams play in a closed arena on a playing field measuring 50 × 29 meters without boards.

The teams, consisting of six players, compete against each other in 15-minute halves. A wheel of fortune brings additional excitement into the game. The season consists of 66 games on eleven match days, and the Final Four takes place in a Bundesliga stadium, where the top four in the table determine the champions.

If you would like to find out more about the Baller League, you can read it here:

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