Handball: Johanna Bundsen took every other shot for the injured Sävehof: “Potatoes for her”

Handball Sweden is used to Sävehof’s ladies winning most of the time, but after the victory against Aranäs, coach Jesper Östlund was extra pleased even though the victory was against a team in the lower regions.

– I think it is well done because we are missing eight players and have another middle six, Stina Wiksfors, away during the match, says coach Östlund to the Handball League live.

The big numbers were based on big plays by Johanna Bundsen, who had a save percentage of 44 (19/43), where, among other things, a foot parade on a penalty from Elin Åkesson in the final minutes stood out.

“Two points the important thing”

– It was not a good handball match, but the important thing is that we take these two points, Östlund asserts.

Sävehof went heavy on Laura Jensen who scored eleven goals and Thea Stankiewicz who put all five of her shots. With so many regulars gone, new players get the chance.

– Those who have been knocking on the door will get their chance earlier than expected and tomorrow there will be no training without a rehab session. We have difficulty getting twelve outfield players together for training, but we have to make the best of the situation, says Östlund.

“The Confederation has such a class”

Aranäs coach Rustan Lundbäck, 61, is a big profile in Sävehof which he coached from 1996 to 2010 (ladies until 2001 and the men’s team thereafter).

– We take into account that we create decent chances, but against such a skilled goalkeeper, we have to find more variety. She has such a class and reads if you are unidirectional and cannot vary your shooting arm but shoot like from handball school. Then it will be picking potatoes for someone like Bundsen, says Lundbäck.