HANDBALL. France – Germany: the Blues join the last four, the summary of the match

HANDBALL France Germany the Blues join the last four

Despite a difficult first period, France reassured themselves in the second act and joined the last four after a great success against Germany on Wednesday January 25 (35-28).

22:45 – The summary of the match

France qualified for the last four after a success against the Germans (35-28). The first period is extremely difficult for the Blues, invincible so far in the competition. Guillaume Gille’s men are at first equal game but Andreas Wolff will gradually heat up and disgust the French players. Vincent Gerard does not stop and Rémi Desbonnets replaces him without much success. At the break, the Germans return to 16 out of 20 against 16 out of 31 for France. But it’s a lesser evil in view of the appearance of the first act. On returning from the locker room, the French still seem a little started except for one! Indeed, Rémi Desbonnets heats up and defeats the German players who had missed almost nothing in the first act. The French attack will follow its goalkeeper to also gradually take the measure of Andreas Wolff less effective in the second period. The last minutes of the second period will turn to the demonstration of the doorman of the Blues but also of the French attack which will have more spaces against the Germans who have completely cracked. France therefore reached the last four of the competition without having conceded the slightest defeat in the entire competition. They will face Sweden in the semi-finals on Friday.

22:30 – France will meet Sweden

After this success in this France – Germany, the French will play against Sweden this Friday in the semi-finals of this Men’s Handball World Cup 2023.

22:25 – Rémi Desbonnets is elected man of the match

It is not a surprise ! Rémi Desbonnets was voted man of the match for this France – Germany after having had an absolutely exceptional second period.

22:18 – It’s over! France qualified for the semi-finals (35-28)

It’s over ! France will play the half of the World Championships after this great success against Germany (35-28).

22:16 – The bill gets heavier for Germany (34-26)

This end of France – Germany turns to the correction! The Blues unfold at the end of the meeting and lead by eight goals.

22:15 – Prodigious Desbonnets (31-25)

Rémi Desbonnets realizes, without doubt, his best match in the jersey of the France team. He’s been checking all German players for several minutes now.

22:13 – Time out for France (30-25)

Guillaume Gille takes a time out at the start of the last five minutes of this France – Germany. The Blues are approaching the last four of this Men’s Handball World Cup 2023.

22:12 – STILL BONNETS (30-25)

He is ensuring the success of the Blues in this France – Germany. Rémi Desbonnets makes decisive stops and disgusts the opponents.

22:11 – Desbonnets is still there (30-25)

The Montpellier goalkeeper does not stop in this second period of France – Germany and still saves his people.

22:09 – What a Gate interception (30-25)

At the end of German timeout, Valentin Porte intercepts a ball and shoots into the cage left empty by the German goalkeeper.

22:08 – Last time out for Gislason (29-25)

While there are 8 minutes left in this France – Germany, Alfred Gislason is already putting his last time out. He certainly feels his team is cracking up right now.

22:07 – +4 for France (28-24)

The French take a four-step lead in this France – Germany and take an option on qualification in the last four. One must keep !

22:05 – 10 more minutes (27-24)

The Blues are three steps ahead in this France – Germany as the last 10 minutes have begun.

22:02 – Knorr still in check (26-24)

The top German scorer in the competition is still held in check against Rémi Desbonnets who keeps the Blues in front in this France – Germany.

22:01 – What a gesture from Fabregas (26-23)

Ludovic Fabregas is upside down and on the ground but that does not prevent him from deceiving the German goalkeeper.

21:59 – The Germans return to two goals (25-23)

The Germans reduce the gap in this France – Germany and come back to two lengths while the Blues led by four goals 2 minutes ago.

21:58 – Roucoulette for Kentin Mahé (24-21)

Kentin Mahé lets his technique do the talking and creates a sublime roucoulette that puts his own into orbit.

21:57 – +3 for France (23-20)

Nicolas Tournat manages to score in a complicated area and gives the French a three-goal lead in this France – Germany.

21:56 – Desbonnets is impassable! (22-20)

Rémi Desbonnets no longer seems to want to let a single German strike pass. Juri Knorr pays the price and the French porter makes a 9th stop in this France – Germany.

21:54 – +2 for France! (22-20)

What a turnaround in this France – Germany! The French took, for the first time of the evening, a two-goal lead. The German coach directly requests a timeout.

9:53 p.m. – Another stop for Desbonnets (20-20)

Its good ! Rémi Desbonnets is in his match and chain the parades in this France – Germany.

9:50 p.m. – The Blues come back up (20-20)

The Blues cling in this second period of France – Germany despite a difficult return. They come back up to their opponents after another stop by Desbonnets.

21:48 – The French are in the tough (18-20)

Like this desperate strike from Kentin Mahé, the French still haven’t really come back in this second period of France – Germany.

21:45 – The new break of the Germans (17-19)

The Germans come back better than France in this second act and are already two steps ahead very quickly. Rémi Desbonnets saves the Blues on the German occasion which would have allowed a +3.

9:43 p.m. – The Blues go ahead for a few seconds (17-17)

Yannis Lenne gives the advantage to the French as soon as they return from the locker room in this France – Germany but a German kung fu puts the Mannschaft up to speed very quickly.