Hamas rejects a new ceasefire proposal

In a video statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday evening that the country is preparing an invasion of Rafah in southern Gaza.

– We have set a date, he says Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

However, it is not clear what date it is.

Israel has been urged not to attack Rafah

Many Palestinian IDPs are in Rafah, which has become a gathering place for IDPs during the war between Israel and Hamas.

Israel has been repeatedly urged not to attack the area, including by the United States. According to Netanyahu, however, an offensive is necessary to “eliminate terrorist battalions there”.

“We have made it clear to Israel that we believe that a full-scale military invasion of Rafah will have an enormously damaging impact on civilians, and will ultimately harm Israel’s security,” said US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller after Netanyahu’s remarks.

Hamas rejects ceasefire proposal

At the same time, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had a meeting with Israel’s leading opposition politician Yair Lapid. Former Israeli Prime Minister Lapid said he wants to reach a deal with terror-labeled Hamas in order to free the hostages.

He also said he and other opposition parties are prepared to give temporary support to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government if it backs a negotiating proposal coming from the United States, Egypt and Qatar.

Reuters later reports that Hamas has rejected a proposal for a cease-fire in Gaza.