Halloween: history, decor, recipes and costumes

Halloween history decor recipes and costumes

Halloween is celebrated on October 31 every year! If monsters and the world of horror are at the heart of this party, fear is excluded from the celebrations and the children are even looking forward to them! The opportunity for them to dress up, put on make-up, decorate the house and make original recipes, of which here are all our ideas.

Neighborhood party par excellence, Halloween is, every October 31, an opportunity for children disguised as wizards, monsters and other creatures of horror, to ask neighbors for candy. Or cast a spell on them. The famous “trick or treat” has long been emulated in France, where this Anglo-Saxon tradition is very popular today. It must be said that the party has everything to please… Between decorations, disguises, make-up and special trompe l’oeil recipes, all spiced up with a touch of adrenaline, there is plenty to spend good times with family and friends, and create great memories. Thanks to our ideas, prepare now a Halloween that will cause a sensation, Brrr!

What is the date of Halloween?

Halloween falls on October 31 each year., Halloween. In 2022, we will celebrate Halloween on monday 31 october.

Halloween costumes: which costume to wear?

On October 31, we adorn ourselves with our worst Halloween costume ! A very frightening clown, a witch, pumpkin, ghost or zombie costume are generally the most popular costumes for both children and adults. To buy or to make, Halloween costumes allow you to play the game, and put yourself in the shoes of your character. We put on our costume, and then we hasten to scare the neighbors, asking them for candy or a spell!

How to make up for Halloween?

Halloween makeup is the final touch of the costume! Have you chosen a zombie, skeleton, witch or ghost costume? Learn step by step how to make the makeup that goes with it. Halloween make-ups are more and more trendy on social networks, so why not try some of the scariest make-up this year?

What decoration for Halloween?

To get into the Halloween mood, nothing like a spooky home decor! When young and old dare to step through the door, cobwebs and pumpkins will adorn the walls and furniture of the house. Place some white and orange colored candles, tealights and ghosts as well as garlands of bats! Our Halloween decoration ideas to inspire you:

Halloween crafts to do with kids

Halloween is a party that is also prepared with children, from an early age. On Hugo the snail, find a lot ofDIY ideas for Halloween decoration, learn how to make a costume or make it up, print invitation cards to invite all your class buddies or how to make a candy basket! All the creative activities around Halloween can be found here:

Ideas for Halloween cakes and original recipes

Halloween pizza, chewable witch fingers, broomstick gnocchi, monster-shaped bagels, spider-shaped or pumpkin-shaped cakes… Le Journal des Femmes relies on trompe l’oeil for halloween recipes surprising!

What is the history of Halloween?

Celtic festival of Irish origin, Halloween seduces or irritates, depending on the continent where it is celebrated. According to historians, this pagan folk festival is believed to be a legacy of Samhain, the Celtic New Year. A Gaelic word sometimes attributed with the meaning “end of summer”, Samain announces the twilight of the clear season and the entry into the dark season, in other words, the advent of Dark Time. Winter is coming…

Why does Halloween refer to the Day of the Dead?

During this night, the line of demarcation between the world of the living and beyond would tend to blur so that ghosts and the living could meet, the space of a few hours. An incursion into the past for the deceased and a passage to the other side of the mirror for beings of flesh and blood…

What are the traditions of Halloween?

trick or treat or “stuffing or candy” is the children’s rallying cry. To buy their peace and escape a bad trick, adults must submit to a distribution of sweets. To impress them, it is customary that thehe children dress up as scary characters. empty of pumpkins and trimming them to give them a monstrous appearance is also one of the great classics ofHalloween. This would ward off evil spirits. For diehards, home decorating and pumpkin soup tasting are a must.

Since when do we celebrate Halloween in France?

Like Grandmother’s Day, Halloween owes its celebration in France to an initiative by brands. At the end of the 1990s, driven by the wave of American series, France Telecom launched an Orange mobile phone, called Olaween. Giants such as Coca-Cola or Disneyland are also responsible for promoting this particularly fun party for children. Very quickly, however, part of the public rose up against this bombardment of pumpkins and macabre costumes deemed mercantile. Public interest in this very popular event in the United States is declining. Children wander from house to house, bumping into closed doors and carrying desperately empty baskets. There remains the pleasure of having perhaps, you never know, crossed minds at the bend of a street…