Half a meter long snake got stuck – in Patrik’s printer

Patrik Bergström in Torslanda in Gothenburg would print two invoices. The first rolled out as expected but when it was time for the second it stopped. It turned out that a half meter long snake was stuck in there.

Watch the wriggling snake get stuck in the printer in the clip above.

– I pulled out my hand, screamed and ran out of there. The girl was at home so I said there is a snake in the printer, says Patrik Bergström.

He then fetched a pair of barbecue tongs to try to get the snake out and a bag to put it in. But the snake was stuck with its head in the printer’s feed head and could not be freed.

Brought out the whole printer

– Then I carried the printer outside instead. Then the whole snake hung right down under the printer and then my girl realized how big it was.

Using the pliers didn’t work, so instead Patrik Berström had to put on his motorcycle gloves to try to pry the snake free with his hands. Finally it came free and could be released into the forest where it meandered away.

At first he thought it was a viper, but says that according to a biologist at the Museum of Natural History, it is a hazel viper.