Hakunila has been put back on the skiing world cup map! The lost results were found in the paper archive | Sport

Here is the biggest surprise of the ski championships

Has the World Cup been skied in Vantaa’s Hakunila or not, when no results can be found in the International Ski Federation’s database? This question has now been clarified.

Anu Karttunen,

Kimmo Porttila

When the World Cup was skied in Hakunila in Vantaa in February, the news that the World Cup had also been skied in Hakunila flashed here and there. ‘s archives also contain a broadcast of the 1999 World Cup pair sprint, but the International Ski Federation’s (FIS) database does not contain any results from the race.

So was the World Cup skied in Hakunila or not? Editor of Urheilu Kimmo Porttila to find out and contacted the International Ski Federation. The FIS announced that it would address the matter after the international competition season.

After the season, FIS cross-country competition coordinator Doris Kallen visited Oberhof in Switzerland, where the association’s paper archive is located. Evidence of the Hakunila World Cup was found there and even the official results were found there.

– Hakunila is now back on the world map! Kimmo Porttila was able to announce and said that the results will also be added to the FIS database later.

There is an interesting detail in the papers of the international association, because the Hakunila competition is officially marked as the Helsinki-Vantaa competition.

– Now Helsinki has got its own skiing World Cup competition. Okay, 25 years ago and that too as a result of a typo, but hey, good luck Helsinki! Good luck Hakunila! Back on the World Cup map, Porttila stated.