Hair discrimination: does our hair really mean something about us?

Hair discrimination does our hair really mean something about us

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    Siyana Mincheva (Psychologist, psychotherapist)

    On March 28, the National Assembly adopted a law at first reading aimed at combating hair discrimination. What does that mean ? And what does our hair show about us? Explanations from Siyana Mincheva, psychologist.

    It is a proposed law which reinforces what is already mentioned in the Labor Code, namely the prohibition of discriminating against an employee because of their appearance. Proposed by a deputy from Guadeloupe, this text of law nevertheless aims to specifically include hair discrimination in the Labor Code.

    What is hair discrimination?

    Hair discrimination occurs when certain companies try to impose a hairstyle on their employees or when they reject certain haircuts. At the time of the announcement of the proposed law, testimonies from employees flourished in the media, explaining that they (this particularly affects women) had had to return home to fix their hair, under penalty of being sanctioned or worse. , excluded from their workstation. Other people, looking for work, are forced to hide their braids or dreadlocks, or even straighten their hair to hide their texture and a possible afro cut.

    What does our hair show about us?

    Questioned on the subject, Siyana Mincheva believes that “hair is like the mirror of our vitality“. According to the psychologist, they reflect on what is happening in the body and they are closely linked to our emotions. “We can notice that, very often, when we are happy and fulfilled, in harmony with our body, our hair shines” states the expert.

    In addition to our body, our hair also says a lot about our identity. “It’s a way to stand out, for example by wearing a hairstyle that is no longer in season. It’s a way of expressing yourself.” adds Siyana Mincheva.

    Good in his body, good in his head!

    Hair, markers of good health

    In addition to emotions and identity, our hair is also a marker of good health. “Hair is capable of revealing a certain amount of information about our state of health. Dermatology professionals also say that hair can make certain diseases visible that are not visible at first glance. assures our specialist. “It has been found that when hair does not look its usual way, it is often because something is wrong, from a health point of view..

    For example, cortisol, which is the stress hormone, in too high quantities in the body has negative consequences for the hair. “Stress, both emotional and physical, can cause diffuse hair loss. adds Siyana Mincheva. Without forgetting the harmful consequences of drugs and alcohol. “People who take drugs or are addicted to alcohol have weak and weak hair. This is why taking care of your health will invariably be noticed on our hair” she concludes.

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