Gynecologist states: Absolutely do not do it before and after! carries a risk of disease

Gynecologist states Absolutely do not do it before and after

Sexuality is among the great taboos of society. Even today, it is still considered shameful to talk about sex. However, talking about sexuality needs to be conscious about it. There are many sexually transmitted diseases. These diseases are thought to pass simply because of lack of protection. However, this is among the information that is quite misleading. Sexually transmitted diseases specialist (STD) stated that oral sex can cause sexual diseases, and what you should avoid before and after oral sex.


A sexual health expert has issued a strict warning that you should never brush your teeth two hours before or after oral sex. In a video titled ‘After rinsing my mouth’, the sexual health expert explained why post-oral oral care should be avoided.


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The STD specialist warned that you should never brush your teeth two hours before or after oral sex. He said: “Just a quick PSA (public service announcement), it’s normal to rinse your mouth after oral sex but don’t brush your teeth two hours before or after. This is because brushing and flossing creates tiny cuts in your gums where pathogens like HIV can enter your bloodstream.”



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Herpes virus is one of the diseases caused by oral sex. It is the HSV1 virus that causes sores in and around the mouth. It is HVS2 that causes genital sores. It is possible to catch both of these viruses. Herpes is not treated.


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It is among the diseases that occur due to oral sex, but what should be known here is that other types of sex are at least as likely to contract HIV disease as oral sex. Symptoms are wounds, cuts and infection in the mouth.


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It is known as genital warts. This condition is quickly transmitted through oral sex. It also causes throat cancer.


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One of the diseases that can be caught after oral sex is hepatitis B.


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It is one of the most intense diseases transmitted by oral sex. Its symptoms are sores on the hands and feet, swollen lymph nodes, fever, hair loss, headache, weight loss and fatigue. If left untreated, syphilis damages the brain.


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The most common discomfort caused by oral sex is known as chlamydia. Its symptoms are genital discharge, cold symptoms, sore throat, burning during urination, pain during sex and pain in the testicles.

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Gonorrhea is an ailment caused by oral sex. Oral
Sex easily causes gonorrhea. Symptoms include sore throat, yellow and white discharge, red patches, and difficulty swallowing. Orally transmitted gonorrhea reaches the whole body. This situation affects the genitals.