Gunilla Persson misses the final of Melodifestivalen

Cazzi Opeia’s fine result in Melodifestivalen continues. There will be a new final place with the song “Give my heart a break”. The audience in the arena in Växjö gave Cazzi Opeia the biggest cheer and the TV viewers voted her on.

Two years ago Cazzi Opeia had the big breakthrough as an artist with the song “I can’t get enough” which went to the final and finished in ninth place.

Last year, Cazzi Opeia was one of the songwriters behind Loreen’s winning song “Tattoo”, which even won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Jacqline further

Jacqline also received one of the tickets from the partial competition in Växjö to the final at the Friends arena for her contribution “Effortless”. The 25-year-old from Järna was the betting company’s favorite and lived up to expectations.

The singer has experience in televised music competitions since “Idol” 2021, when she went all the way to the final, where she came second.

Since then, she has, among other things, sung in Malmö Live’s performance “Infruset – Själens scrubbsår”, with music written by Mando Diao, among others. But now a new venture awaits the music, which has been given a real push forward by the final place in the Melodifestivalen.

Thus, six entries are ready for the final in the Friends arena on March 9. From the two previous competitions, Smash Into Pieces, Lisa Ajax, Liamoo and Maria Sur have already won the final ticket.

Gunilla met “Gunilla”

Melodifestivalen’s third competition kicked off on SVT with a song number by the presenter Carina Berg, who this week will be joined by two friends she has worked with before.

TV profiles Christine Meltzer and Carolina Gynning assist Carina Berg during the evening’s broadcast with everything from sketches to score calculations and interviews. Among other things, Gunilla Persson got to meet “Gunilla Persson”, albeit in the form of a costumed Christine Meltzer.

Gunilla’s jubilation

Hollywood actress Gunilla Persson was met with great cheers in the arena in Växjö when she sang her contribution “I won’t shake (La la Gunilla)”. The reality queen is not really an artist and has had to struggle in rehearsals. But there was no final place for Gunilla.

Now she instead gets the chance to take the road via the final qualifier in Karlstad in two weeks.

Next week is the Melodifestivalen in Eskilstuna.