Gun attack on school in the USA: 3 children lost their lives, the attacker was shot!

Gun attack on school in the USA 3 children lost

A shooting was carried out at a church school in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital Spokesperson John Howser announced that 3 children who were brought to the hospital after the attack lost their lives.

“We are responding to an active attacker at the Covenant School at 33 Burton Hills Avenue. We can confirm we have more than one patient,” the Nashville Fire Department said in a statement. expressions were used.

In the statement, it was stated that the shooter situation in the school district is active and parents were asked not to come to the school and go to the reunion area created.

In the statement made by the Nashville Police Department, it was stated that an armed attack was carried out on the school at 33 Burton Hills Boulevard, and the attacker was neutralized by the security forces. No explanation has yet been given about how the attacker died or his identity.

It was stated that the school, which has approximately 200 students, is affiliated with the Covenant Presbyterian Church and provides education up to the 6th grade. (UAV)