GTA Online: Weapon Transporter – All localities on the map

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The Gun Van in GTA Online has different locations. We show you all locations on the map.

What is this transporter? You can now find the Gun Transporter in GTA Online. The float is in a different location each day and is part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update. Right from the start, the car drew attention to itself by selling the powerful railgun exclusively to you.

We show you here on the map where the Gun Van is every day. So you can easily find him and do your business there.

Gun Transporter on the Map – All localities

Where can you find the transporter? There are 30 possible locations on the GTA Online map. Every day the weapon transporter changes its location. On the interactive map that we embed here, you can check where the van is every day:

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Now all you have to do is look at this map every day when you’re looking for the van. If it isn’t directly in focus, then something is swiping around on the map or zooming in or out. You can recognize the location by the black transporter icon on the map.

You need to know: In the game, you won’t see the van’s icon until you’re right next to it. He doesn’t show up before then. So you can’t just find him all over the map with the overview map within GTA Online. Approach with a vehicle and when you are close to the destination you will see it on the minimap.

All localities on one map: If you are interested in all locations and not just the current location, we will show you all 30 locations on the following map:

All 30 weapon transport locations (Source: GTALens)

What do you get in the van? There is an NPC in the van who will sell you armor and weapons cheaper than in the Ammu-Nation shops. Additionally, some weapons and gear can be obtained there without the rank requirement that is usually a requirement. To clarify one question right away: No, you cannot blow up the van. We tried that.

Above all, the railgun is one of the highlights that you can buy in the weapon transporter. Because they only exist there. What the van doesn’t offer are MK2 variations of weapons.

Known content is:

  • Weapons:
  • knife
  • baseball bat
  • Assault Shotgun
  • MP
  • assault rifle
  • Compact EMP launcher
  • combat shotgun
  • railgun
  • Heavy sniper rifle
  • bazooka
  • projectiles:
  • Molotow cocktail
  • proximity mine
  • grenade
  • Armor:
  • lightest
  • light
  • default
  • heaviness
  • Heaviest armor
  • How do you like the weapon transporter? Do you visit him often to shop cheaply there? Or did you just get the railgun and don’t visit him anymore for now?