GTA 6 Gameplay Video Leaked

GTA 6 Will Be Released at the Promised Time

It is not known how accurate the GTA 6 gameplay video shared on Twitter is, but the game seems to promise a lot.

GTA 6 gameplay video was leaked on Twitter. Although the release date of one of Rockstar Games’ most anticipated games is not yet clear, each new day means we are one step closer to this highly anticipated masterpiece. Four months have passed since the first trailer was released. We’re looking forward to Jason and Lucia’s return to Vice City.

GTA 6 Gameplay Video Leaked on Twitter

While Rockstar continues to keep information about the game tightly secret, cyber attacks and leaks have revealed some details of the game. As a result of a major cyber attack in September 2022, valuable information such as images and source codes in development were leaked to the internet. As Rockstar’s fight against such leaks continues, some social media accounts have promised to share a short GTA VI leak every day until a new trailer is released. To the leaked video from here you can reach.

The latest leak includes a gameplay video of Lucia wandering around her sunny neighborhood and interacting with her surroundings. This video appears to have been recorded at an earlier stage of the game’s development process. While the video hints that GTA VI’s gameplay will be simple, this may change later in the development process.