Grogu and Din Djarin have lost their home

Grogu and Din Djarin have lost their home

It doesn’t often happen that an actor does something like this in the last years of his career central role in a franchise like Carl Weathers in The Mandalorian. After appearing in cult series such as Rocky and Predator and even playing a fictional version of himself in Arrested Development, Weathers joined the cast of the first live-action Star Wars series in December 2018.

There he cavorted with, among others, the German filmmaker Werner Herzog and Nick Nolte – all names that probably no one expected in a Star Wars project at that point. But series creator Jon Favreau wasn’t looking for the next shooting stars. The Mando mastermind has been surprising people for three seasons and several spin-offs unexpected casting decisions.

In retrospect, many of these roles make sense: Favreau takes us to the edge of the galaxy, where daring characters roam that we often only see for one episode before we move on with the bounty hunter Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal). This galaxy far, far away is lonely and cold. However, Carl Weathers stood his ground as someone who stays. The gap he leaves in the Mando cosmos is all the greater.

From Star Wars traitor to Baby Yoda’s grandpa, Carl Weathers was an important part of the Mando family

Weathers, who died on February 1, 2024 in Los Angeles, took on the role of in The Mandalorian Greef Karga, a middleman for the Bounty Hunters Guild. On the remote planet Nevarro he distributes orders, preferably to Din Djarin because he is reliable and doesn’t talk much. No one would probably call it family, but for many of these lost professionals in the Star Wars universe, Karga is the closest thing they have to a home base.


Carl Weathers’ first appearance in The Mandalorian

At least until someone violates the guild’s code. When Din decides to save little Grogu before he falls into the clutches of a sinister villain, Karga draws his weapon. Suddenly the exuberantly friendly disappears “Maaando!”the Weathers otherwise with humming, singing voice comes from his lips as if he wanted to proudly introduce everyone to his best bounty hunter friend.

Over the course of the series, this selfish figure of all people transforms into a man who makes Nevarro thrive. Warmth is no longer an assertion: Karga carries Warmth and hope to a place that previously threatened to suffocate under a crusty lava desert of desolation. In the Din-Grogu family relationship, he becomes a grandpa who can’t wait to finally see his grandson again.

Weathers should first concrete face that many fans associated with The Mandalorian five years ago. When the series was presented with an in-depth look at Star Wars Celebration 2019, there was no sign of Baby Yoda and Pedro Pascal was hiding under the Mando helmet. Weathers, on the other hand, was allowed to explain the rules of the bounty hunters’ guild with radiant seriousness.

Actor, director and home base: Carl Weathers will definitely be missing from The Mandalorian

In a sense, he is the one who introduced us to the Star Wars series before becoming one of the few recurring variables in front of and later also behind the camera. Weathers directed two episodes of The Mandalorian (Season 2, Episode 4 and Season 3, Episode 4). He appears as an actor in a total of ten plays – more than most of the stars in the series can claim.


Greef Karga with his favorite grandson

Old stars like Weathers are usually only brought into franchise projects for small supporting roles and can rarely leave a lasting impression. Weathers, on the other hand, has one as Greef Karga unmistakable presence developed. More distinctive than many other Star Wars characters: One of Weaters’ particular charms was that he obviously loved Star Wars, but never for a second did he stick to the rules of the franchise.

It often happens that filmmakers have too much respect for a brand, especially when it is as nostalgically charged as Star Wars. Weathers, however moved completely carefree through the Star Wars. Even though the material he got from Favreau in Season 3 was significantly weaker than in the first two rounds, Weathers’ death leaves a big hole in The Mandalorian.

Karga is a true original. A character with his own routine that works without the mythological Star Wars connection and that’s exactly why he fits so well with Din Djarin, who isn’t sure about himself. whether these Jedi really exist. I can’t imagine how The Mandalorian and Grogu will end up in theaters in two years without Carl Weathers greeting them both with his heartfelt love “Maaando!” receives.