Greta Thunberg in Germany – to protest against lignite

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Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg has traveled to the German village of Lützerath, which has become a symbol of resistance to German lignite mining.

Lützerath is to be demolished to make way for an open pit that is expanding.

But when the villagers left the village, the environmentalists moved in. For over two years, a thousand activists have been staying here, but as of Tuesday, it is illegal for them to be in the area.

But while the police are trying to empty the village of activists, more and more are pouring in – including Greta Thunberg.

– I have followed the development and the people who resisted here for years and it is shocking to see what is happening, says Greta Thunberg.

Tomorrow, Saturday, a large demonstration will be held here in the area. Representatives of the environmental activists say that it is expected that tens of thousands of activists may come to Lützerath.

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