Greta Thunberg deprived of liberty again | SVT News

Thunberg was first detained when she and a number of other activists from the activist group Extinction rebellion blocked a main street in The Hague in protest against subsidies for the fossil industry.

Several others are also reported to have been detained in connection with the demonstration.

Thunberg was taken away and dropped off at another location, but later took part in another action blocking a nearby street – and was taken by police again.

No criminal suspicions

None of the activists are suspected of crime at this time, according to a spokesperson for the Dutch public prosecutor’s office.

– However, it can change if the same people are arrested again and again for the same crime, says Vincent Veenman.

In mid-March, Thunberg participated in several demonstrations outside the Riksdag building in Stockholm. The police had to carry her away and she, and several others, are suspected of disobeying the authorities in connection with the demonstrations.

Convicted twice

Thunberg has been convicted twice before precisely for disobedience to law enforcement.

In early February, however, she was acquitted by a London court after, along with 25 other activists, blocking the entrance to a hotel where an oil and gas conference was taking place in October.

Thunberg also attracted attention a few weeks ago, when SAS held its annual general meeting in Solna. She and other activists demanded answers from the management about how it intends to act against the climate crisis. To get into the meeting, three members of Fridays for future had bought shares in the airline.