Great news of joy for Stina Nilsson after the unknown setback – just before the season premiere

Last year was tough for Stina Nilsson.
This season was also in jeopardy a few weeks ago.
But now Nilsson comes with a happy message.

Stina Nilsson, 30, is the cross-country skier who switched gears to become a biathlete. As a cross-country skier, she has achieved, among other things, Olympic gold in the sprint and WC gold in the relay and sprint relay.

Nilsson’s project

Last season was a tough one for Stina. It was her worst season since she became a biathlete in 2020. She was not selected for the WC, and fierce competition meant that Nilsson was not an obvious part of the squad for the World Cup.

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221112 Stina Nilsson during the short distance biathlon premiere for ladies on November 12, 2022 in Idre. Photo: Johanna Wallen / BILDBYRÅN / code JW / JW0033

During the summer, the 30-year-old has worked hard and prepared for the upcoming season. But we have also seen her take on projects other than biathlon. On her social media, Stina has shared several videos of her and her partner and biathlon colleague Emil Nykvist converts a van into a “mobile home” to be able to live in. An initiative that has been very much appreciated by Nilsson’s supporters.

Stina’s message of joy

This weekend is finally the competition premiere for our biathletes. In Idre, they meet again to carry out the Swedish premiere and the first competitions of the season. Stina Nilsson and our other biathletes talk in interviews and on social media about how excited they are for the season. Something Stina did not share with her followers, however, was that she was recently ill with covid(!).

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IDRE 20231026 Biathlon Stina Nilsson during the national team’s training days in Idre. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT / code 10080

It is P4 Dalarna that reports that Nilsson fell ill a few weeks ago – “at the turn of the month”. It could have been disastrous for her season opener. But the national team’s press contact Emma Höglund tells Radiosporten that Stina has recovered and will start this weekend.

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