Gran Turismo 7: soon to arrive on PC?

Gran Turismo 7 soon to arrive on PC

Kazuroni Yamauchi, the creator of the Playstation exclusive Gran Turismo series, has hinted that the franchise could be joining the PC gaming universe soon.

[Mis à jour le 28 novembre 2022 à 16h17] After a remarkable release at the end of 2021, Gran Turismo 7 is once again at the heart of the debates after the final of its international championship. A championship during which GTPlanet was able to meet the creator of the franchise, Kazuroni Yamauchi, and ask him some key questions about his future. And it could be that the franchise is coming to PC shortly.

This is the big question that drives racing game fans right now, will we ever be able to enjoy Gran Turismo games on PC? The racing game franchise that recently graced us with an excellent Gran Turismo 7 remains a Playstation exclusive until further notice. But its creator, the famous Kazuroni Yamauchi, hinted in an interview by GTPlanet during the Gran Turismo 7 World Finals that this possibility is more relevant than ever. When the interviewer asked him about porting Gran Turismo 7 to PC, Yamauchi answered without hesitation “Yes, I do think so”, before mentioning the game’s performance problems on PC, convinced that Gran Turismo 7 should be played in 4K and at 60 fps.

The press tests

With its excellent 87/100 on Metacritic, it would seem that Gran Turismo 7 deserves its status as a must-have racing game. Critically acclaimed, Polyphony Digital’s new release has managed to make a name for itself, offering a relatively classic fun experience while showing its love of the automotive world through an astronomical amount of educational and documentary content. His only flaw? Its lack of ambition on the gameplay side, Gran Turismo 7 remaining a cross-generation release constrained by the technical characteristics of the PS4. IGN gives it a score of 90/100: “Blending the unchanging format of GT games with GT Sport’s stoic focus on competitive online multiplayer, Gran Turismo 7 makes a few mistakes but remains a podium-worthy performance for its developer Polyphony Digital.Destructoidthe respected American magazine gives it a very fine 85/100: “Gran Turismo 7 isn’t a complete overhaul of the racing game formula, but it doesn’t need to be.

On the French side, the game is a success, even if the ratings are a little less rave reviews, a fairly common trend in ratings. We find Gran Turismo rated 80/100 by IGN France, which comments on its rating with a: “A synthesis of GT and GT Sport licenses, but still with the same flaws. GT7 remains a beautiful love letter to the history of motorsport and a very good “simarcade”.” while Gameblog also offers him 80/100: “Gran Turismo 7 is far from the best racing sim out there, but it’s a love letter to cars, and it shines in more places than just racing.

Gran Turismo 7 State of Play

Gran Turismo 7 brings great technical innovations. Developed by Polyphony Digital, this new title shows us its meticulous work on car models down to the smallest details. We also find the mention of Ray-Tracing technology, which will offer a truer-than-life light to players with the Playstation 5. It will be available in the game’s Replay mode and in the Garage, the console’s performance not allowing to ensure fairly high framerates in game and with Ray-Tracing. It is indeed the most greedy graphics technology among recent innovations.

Who says racing game also says changing landscapes and dynamic weather. Gran turismo 7 will not fish on this side since it will offer fully progressive weather effects, in order to immerse players on evolving tracks, where we can see the progressive formation of puddles for example. Sony even talks about the influence of heat and the degree of humidity in the air on driving, to satisfy fans of ultra-realistic simulations. Add to that the haptic responses of the PS5 controllers and you will get a more real-than-life driving experience, if we are to believe the words of the Japanese giant.

Finally, the State of Play focused on its “World Map”, a menu feature that fully models the world of Gran Turismo 7 and offers the player the opportunity to navigate between the different activities available. Among these is the Museum, which will bring together information and interactive content on the history of the various big names in motorsport, offering the opportunity for car and history buffs to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. Alongside it, we will also find the Café, a place where you can meet some of the most eminent personalities of the automotive world, for an immersive introduction to this prolific universe.

Gran Turismo 7 Trailer

Gran Turismo 7 Gameplay

Gran Turismo is a car racing simulation game. It brings together several game modes that are essentially centered on the acquisition, use and customization of vehicles. It includes the GT Simulation mode which encompasses the single-player campaign experience, as well as many features and assets that have marked the history of the franchise, such as Championships, Special Events, Driving School, Circuits or again the Tuning Garage. It will include high-end graphics, especially in car design, as well as dynamic weather. On the new side, there are certain modes of Gran Turismo Sport, such as the Brand Central or the Discover mode. The game will also have a powerful photo mode.