Grammys 2024: three beauty trends that are already creating buzz

Grammys 2024 three beauty trends that are already creating buzz

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    From Tracy Chapman’s performance to Céline Dion’s surprise appearance and Taylor Swift’s new recognition: the 2024 Grammy Awards left no one indifferent. Beauty addicts will not say the opposite, already ready to adopt some of the inspirations spotted during the prestigious evening. From Miley Cyrus’ hairstyle to Doja Cat’s tattoos: here are three trends to watch (and follow) closely in the world of beauty.

    Miley Cyrus, tribute to Raquel Welch

    After the mullet cut coming out of the pandemic, it could now be a must-have hairstyle from the 70s that is making a comeback. A trend that we owe to the singer Miley Cyrus who did not go unnoticed on the Grammy Awards stage. The American singer opted, not for a tribute to Jane Fonda in the film “Barbarella”, as some people thought she might guess, but to Raquel Welch’s punk hairstyle in the 1970s. This is what her hairdresser, Bob Recine, to the media Byrdie. “This year we decided we wanted something dry and bigger, hair with more volume, but sexy, messy and nice to touch“, he explained on his Instagram account. An easy-to-reproduce hairstyle that turned into a highly searched, although erroneous, keyword, ‘barbarella’, on Google Trends.

    Doja Cat’s face tattoo

    We know that American rapper Doja Cat has her body – or a large part at least – covered in tattoos, and she has never hidden it. But the “Need to Know” singer clearly stood out during the Grammy Awards ceremony by particularly highlighting her tattoos, combined with a strapless dress for a totally offbeat ‘office siren’ look. If his tattoos have caused a lot of ink to flow, it is more precisely the one exhibited on his forehead which seems to have influenced social users. According to Google Trends, “Americans’ interest in facial tattoos almost tripled after Doja Cat’s appearance on the red carpet”, suggesting that this aesthetic could leave its mark in terms of beauty inspiration.

    Taylor Swift in ‘cherry makeup’ mode

    Like it or not, in the end, it’s often Taylor Swift who wins! And this also applies to her choices in terms of cosmetics. Discreetly, not without elegance, the winner of the best album of the year adopted one of the key trends of the beginning of the year: ‘cherry makeup’, which consists of emphasizing the mouth with shades of carmine red, cherry, burgundy, or black red, tending – as we will have understood – to a true red, while maintaining an ultra-natural makeup look. A challenge met with flying colors by Tay-Tay who only focused on the mouth and cheekbones, with the added bonus of a few glitters to highlight her eyes. A trend that should soon gain unanimous support on social networks.