Gothenburg police report threats against social services

Gothenburg police report threats against social services

Published: Just now

fullscreen Demonstration against social services in Gothenburg in February this year. Archive image. Photo: Adam Ihse/TT

Last spring, a disinformation campaign flared up against the Swedish social services. False information was spread in various social media and Arabic-speaking channels, including that social services kidnap children of people with an immigrant background.

Recently, disinformation has been spread again, including on Tiktok, reports SVT Nyheter. Among other things, there is a video where a man says that he received information that other people should have bought weapons and explosives to commit an attack against the social services in Gothenburg.

Now the four social services in Gothenburg have jointly filed a police report, reports SVT Väst.

– It is a threat to democracy, says Ing-Marie Larsson, head of department for the social administration Nordost in Gothenburg, to SVT.

A mailing has also been made to all employees within social services in Gothenburg.

– It is important for us to raise this issue in our organisations. This disinformation campaign is hurting us, says Ing-Marie Larsson.