Got a traffic ticket? Do not do this – then the car may be banned from driving

Got a traffic ticket Do not do this then

The fee for parking the car depends on where in the country you are. It also depends on which area you are in, how long you intend to park in the place, what time of day it applies and whether you have a special permit, for example residential parking.

The cost can thus differ significantly, from a few kroner per hour up to tens of kroner for the same period, depending entirely on where you choose to park.

Sometimes, however, it happens that you are unlucky enough to get a parking ticket. The reason can be anything from you not paying attention to the signs or choosing to take a chance.

However, it is not only the cost of parking that differs. The fines can also vary greatly, from a few hundred Swedish kroner up to thousands of Swedish kroner.

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Without paid parking fees, it can become a costly story. Photo: Tomas Oneborg/SvD/TT

Parking fines become more expensive here • Then it starts to apply

The fine you are required to pay depends on the offense you are deemed to have committed. Namely, there are two types of parking fines that can be issued against you – incorrect parking fee and control fee.

You can get the first mentioned if you do not follow the traffic regulation’s rules about stopping or parking. It could also be that you broke a local traffic regulation.

On the other hand, you can receive a control fee if you parked incorrectly in so-called fenced areas such as parking lots or parking garages.

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Should you appeal the parking ticket? Then you first need to pay the fee. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT

Tire change on the car? Then you risk a hefty fine

This is how you appeal the parking fine

If you have been issued a parking ticket, you can appeal it. The following information is included in your appeal:

  • Case number that appears on the fine issued.
  • Registration number of the vehicle on which the fee was issued.
  • Explanation of why you do not consider the fine to be correct.
  • Your contact details: Name, phone number and email address.
  • Any attachments such as a police report or anything else that can substantiate your case.
  • Then the car may be banned from use

    In addition, there are some important things you need to know in the event that you have been hit with a fine. One of them is that the fee must be paid before the appeal begins.

    According to The Swedish Transport Agency Namely, the payment of the fee must have taken place within eight days of the issuance of the fine.

    – You must pay even if you appeal. If you are right in your appeal, the money is paid back, says Malinda Flodmanpress officer at the traffic office at the City of Stockholm to News24 and adds:

    – If you don’t pay, you risk reminder fees and ultimately the matter going to debt collection. You are obliged to pay until the case is settled.

    Another detail you should be aware of is in the event that you have racked up a hefty amount of parking fines. In that case, a ban on the use of the car can be issued.

    A ban on use occurs:

  • If the vehicle owner has more than SEK 5,000 in unpaid parking fines.
  • If at least six months have passed since the last fee would have been paid.
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