Google’s digital wallet is changing its name again. But Google simplifies its use by bringing together all its functions in one place.

Googles digital wallet is changing its name again But Google

Google’s digital wallet is changing its name again. But Google simplifies its use by bringing together all its functions in one place.

During the summer, you probably noticed the disappearance on your Android smartphone of the Google Pay application in favor of a “new” app called Google Wallet. An app, in fact not that new, since its first version dates from 2011! But as usual, Google, which likes to sow confusion with the names of its products, did not facilitate understanding. Google Wallet was initially a physical payment card linked to the Google account. It then integrated the Android Pay solution to pay directly with a smartphone, then renamed Google Pay. In 2016, the Google Wallet card was thrown into oblivion. Google Pay therefore reigned supreme until 2022 when Google Wallet made its comeback to replace it. Are you still following? And since nothing is simple at Google, different treatment applies between the United States, Singapore and the rest of the world. In Europe, there is only Google Wallet, while Americans and Singaporeans have two apps: Google Pay and Google Wallet.

What is Google Wallet used for?

Google Wallet is nothing but a digital wallet. As such, this app allows you to store your bank cards in a secure space in order to pay online with your smartphone or to pay directly, without contact, (when your mobile has an NFC module) in physical stores that accept this method of payment. Please note: banks compatible with Google Pay in France are not legion. If most online banks lend themselves to the game, this is unfortunately not the case for more traditional banks. Also, check if your bank is one of the compatible institutions on the page set up by Google. Google Wallet also allows you to keep your loyalty cards, gift cards and plane tickets in your smartphone. In the latter case, if you receive your boarding pass by email in Gmail, there is an Add to Google Wallet button. The boarding pass will be saved directly in the digital wallet. Across the Atlantic, the app can even ship your public transport tickets in certain American states. Finally, in some countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Jersey, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom and United States) it also allows you to collect your health pass showing your vaccinations against Covid-19. This function is not available in France and you will always have to use the government’s Tous Anti-Covid app to keep your health pass on your mobile.

Before you can use Google Wallet to pay for purchases online or in-store, you must first add a payment card. First check that your bank is google partner. The operation turns out to be quite simple.

► Open the Google Wallet app. It is logically connected to your Google account linked to your Android smartphone. At the top right of the screen is your avatar. To register a payment card, press the button Add a map in the section Pay wherever Google Pay is accepted.

► On the next page, tap + New credit or debit card.


► There are two methods for registering your card. The first, the simplest, is to take a picture of it directly from Google Wallet. The data entered there will be analyzed and decrypted by the algorithm in order to save them. Place your credit card in the frame.


► The image is entered instantly and the information automatically completed except for the CVC code on the back of the card which you must therefore enter by hand.


► The second method is to manually enter the card information (owner’s name, card number, expiration date and three-digit code).


► When all the information is entered, check it one last time and press To register at the bottom of the screen.

► A verification with your bank starts. She can text you a code to confirm it is you. Once verified, your card is added to Wallet.

In France, Google Wallet also allows you to keep your loyalty cards. So you don’t have to remember to take them with you when you go shopping.

► In the Google Wallet application, press the button at the bottom of the screen Add to Wallet.


► Now press Loyalty card.


► Choose the store in question from the list displayed on the screen.


► Then scan the barcode on your loyalty card. Check that the number is correct then press Add to Wallet.


► Your card is saved in your digital wallet. It will suffice to present it, displayed on the screen, at the time of checkout.