Google will produce such for the first time! Price information leaked: How much will the Galaxy Z Fold 3 rival Pixel Notepad cost?

Google will produce such for the first time Price information

Many claims have been made for Google’s first foldable smartphone. Thus, it turned out that Google is working on a foldable phone. It has also been stated that the phone, which has been called “Pixel Fold” by the claim sources to date, may look more like Oppo Find N than Galaxy Fold thanks to the animations found in the second beta version of Android 12L a few days ago. While this reveals that the device will come with an aspect ratio screen like the Oppo Find N compared to the Galaxy Fold, a new report showed that there are new ideas about the name and price of the phone.


The new report suggested that Google’s first foldable phone will be called the “Pixel Notepad”. The report also included information on the price of Pixel Notepad. Accordingly, Google’s foldable phone will be priced more competitively.


While it is claimed that the Google Pixel Notepad will cost less than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is sold for $ 1,799, it is stated that it will be powered by the Tensor chip that feeds the Pixel 6 and that the Pixel 5 will be equipped with a rear camera system.

On the other hand, the report said that the device will be available only in the USA for the first time, and shared that it may take some time to go on sale in other markets.

Google has so far not accepted any claims for its foldable phone, called Pixel Fold or Pixel Notepad. However, we may see the introduction of the phone in the near future.