Google will delete billions of data collected secretly in Chrome

Google reached an agreement in the Chrome centered incognito window case

Internet giant Google will delete billions of confidential data collected in the popular browser Chrome, as we learned today.

Google Chrome As in other browsers, there is a “hidden window (Incognito)” The infrastructure was there, but it was in a bad condition. In the past years Google marketing chief Lorraine TwohillCEO of the company Sundar PichaiBy sending a direct email to “How Incognito Mode makes it truly secretIt turned out that he said it was necessary. Twohill, the service is not actually private due to Google’s “a blurry language” and that this He argued that it could undermine consumers’ trust in the company’s services. Some documents that emerged on this subject reveal that Google employees were interviewed in 2018. “Incognito” your name and “Spy Guy” He also showed that he criticized the use of the symbol. The icon prepared for Incognito Mode, He was considered a spy even by Google employees. It is precisely because of this situation that the company He also faced a US-based lawsuit. Google He chose to reach an agreement in this case.


In the news, “Google and plaintiffs reached an agreement on terms that will result in the dismissal of the incognito window lawsuit.”It was said, and later it was stated that the penalty to be paid within the scope of the agreement was 5 billion dollars. This issue came to the agenda once again today because the internet giant Deleting billions of user data that it has collected without permission or secretly or making it independent from people It turned out that he promised to bring. This was a good step, but the company got what it got so far, so this move actually had no meaning.