Google Translate Announces New Interface and Features!

Google Translate Announces New Interface and Features

One of the biggest technology brands of today, Google’s popular translation application Google Translate shared its interface and new features with its users.

With the development of technology, people can easily communicate with people who speak different languages ​​thanks to translation programs. Especially with the widespread use of the internet, people frequently apply to these programs. At the beginning of these programs, Google Translate has offered its new interface and features to some users for now.

Arguably one of the most striking features of the new update’‘Face-to-Face mode” (Face-to-Face mode). As part of this feature, the top half of the app’s UI will be reversed so that the other person can instantly see the translated text while you speak. Of course, it is also worth noting that this feature can be used in reverse. Thus, we can say that intercultural communication will become easier.

Another new feature will be in the lower left corner. Hand writing button will be. This button will allow you to write text in a foreign language. Moreover auto play now the user speaks the translations instantly after speaking. The new interface and new features of the Google Translate application have already attracted the attention of all users.

Automatic language detection With its feature, it is now in audio mode. Now the application will automatically detect the language you speak. Thus, you will not need to choose a language with an extra effort. Google Translate’s new interface and features are currently available to some users and are in the testing phase. It will be available to all users in a short time.

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