Google today announced “Axion,” “Vids,” “Imagen 2” and more

Google today announced Axion Vids Imagen 2 and more

Google today announced “Axion,” “Vids,” “Imagen 2” and more. This time, the company focused specifically on the corporate side.

If we look at the most important announcements made by Google today within the scope of Cloud Next 2024, they are as follows:
-The company developed for data centers announced its first Arm-based CPU. The processor named Axion, as far as reported, works more efficiently than normal Arm processors.
-Internet giant produces visuals from what is written With Imagen 2, it also stepped into the process of creating animated content. The service, which converts text into four-second short GIF animations, can currently create 24 fps content at 360 x 640 resolution.
-Today Google Vids was also among the notable announcements. This Gemini-based system focuses directly on the corporate side and Workspace applications (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.), instead of people. Can create presentation style videos. The system, which can prepare these videos based on the data provided, also has voice-over support and seems very useful especially for internal company information processes.
Gemini 1.5 Pro LLM, i.e. large language model, now has listening capability. In this way, desired audio files can be loaded into the system, the speech in the file can be transcribed and the content can be processed in different ways through 1.5 Pro.
-The company is responsible for Gmail’s productivity “Help Me Write” feature that can write e-mails on your behalf based on artificial intelligence It also introduced the voice dictation feature. In addition, it was reported that the system can now improve the drafts of the text created. For now, these are only activated on the Workspace side.
-Google Meet AI-powered note taking and real-time call translation gained its features.
-Now via Gemini in Google Docs You can create a cover photo just by typing.


Before this, the fact that Gemini would come to the Google application for Android had made a splash. Just like on iOS, a button will be placed at the top of the Google application for Android, and when this button is pressed, it will be possible to quickly switch between Gemini and normal search. This infrastructure, shown in the video at the bottom of the page, is not yet known when it will be available to everyone, but it looks useful. If you don’t know, Gemini works like ChatGPT and can produce answers to the questions you ask. The search section brings you normal Google results and other news.

Previously, Google developed its advanced artificial intelligence system or language model Gemini. It can directly become a part of Android phones in 2025 The news attracted attention. Google, which plans to do this in a way that works offline, that is, wants to establish an infrastructure that does not require a constant server / internet connection, can seriously increase the capabilities of phones with this system. Of course, Google is not the only one making plans in this regard. For example, one of the world’s largest technology companies AppleLooks like they found a way to run “LLM” directly on iPhones looks.