Google showed off an incredible demo for Gemini [Video]

Google showed off an incredible demo for Gemini Video

internet giant Googledeveloped a new artificial intelligence-based big language model Gemini He gave an incredible demo for .

All the details you need to know about here we included in our news Google Gemini, It is the latest point reached by the internet giant in productive artificial intelligence. For Gemini, which is divided into different versions according to capacity One of the most popular ones is the promotional video below. happened. In this video you can see how Gemini performs an incredible level of visual/audio analysis and detection performance is demonstrated. Google’s “real” In the video he says, it is revealed that the system can detect what is drawn in real time and that it is really, really good at this. A system that is both surprising and very popular, as it can form opinions based on what it sees.can produce information just by looking at an object, even if no questions are asked about it. The system, which does not freeze even when asked to produce a game based on what it sees, has become so advanced in visual perception that it scans the database in real time and He can tell what it is by completing an incomplete image.


The system, which can enrich its voice responses with the sound of the visually detected object if it is a musical instrument, can even analyze a video it sees through the camera and learn about the content in it. It can also answer questions asked aloud aloud.. Google’s artificial intelligence-supported technology, first in the lower level, and in 2024 with its most advanced version. Gemini, which will be available on chatbot Bard and will make its way elsewhereFor now, it operates in English, but it is stated that this will change soon. If you don’t know, Google Bard has known Turkish for a long time and can be used in Turkey as well.