Google released a free game based on “Mesoamerica”

Google released a free game based on Mesoamerica

internet giant Google, is facing us with a game today. Behind this game is the company’s Arts & Culture division.

Google published directly by from here the name of the game that can be played on a browser basis for free The Descent of the Serpent. If this game is wanted Google’s Arts & Culture (available for iOS and Android) can also be tried through the mobile application. For the game, which has a cute design that does not tire the eyes, Mexican National Museum of Anthropology It is reported that a partnership was established with “At the heart of this adventure, education and exploration game”Mesoamerica” is included. Mesoamerica is defined directly on the Wiki as:

“Mesoamerica is the territory and cultural area in Central America from mid-Mexico to northern Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, formed by pre-Columbian societies before they were colonized by the Spanish in the 15th and 16th centuries.”


Controllable with keyboard and mouse Google In the signed game, a huge artifact is stolen by Tezcatlipoca, and a living statue asks for your help to save the 20 icons in the artifact to prevent the floods from taking over the world. In the game that looks good graphically and offers a fluid experience, You can choose between four different characters and you can go on an adventure quickly.

Having taken similar interactive steps before, Google’s Arts & Culture sectiondoes a good job of highlighting historical and certain artistic values ​​more.