Google Play Store opens simultaneous download option to its users

Google Play Store opens simultaneous download option to its users

This new update to the Google App Library lets you sideload two apps at the same time.

This is an option that users of Google services have been waiting for a long time; downloading applications simultaneously is now possible. No more queues where you had to wait for applications to install one after the other. Even with a weak connection, you can quickly enjoy your applications.

This possibility was discovered, first of all, by the services of 9to5Google, since the last update of its Google Play Store service. The brand new version 40.6.31 of the application is available for compatible devices. This means you can download your favorite applications simultaneously.

However, it should be noted that simultaneous downloading does not apply in all cases. Indeed, this new option allows you to start loading two applications at the same time. Exceeded this number, the user will have to wait until the pair of applications finishes downloading. If the consumer wishes to install a third application, the latter will remain “on hold”. Note that its direct competitor, the Apple Store, offers the download of three applications simultaneously.

Even today, this new feature does not apply to updates of already installed applications. Still, app updates turn out to be more common than new installations. Google is therefore paving the way for potential deployment in these future updates. In 2019, Google was already spotted experimenting with loading five applications simultaneously. In the end, she ended up being pushed aside very quickly.

Despite some limitations, the new simultaneous download service is a real advantage for Google Play Store users. In general, Google works to constantly improve its library services. The latest concerns an option to automatically archive rarely used applications when storage space is almost full. It remains to be seen whether Google will implement new updates for consumers of these services.