Google Play Store can now download two different applications at the same time

Google Play Store can now download two different applications at

Located at the center of the Android world Google Play Store Now two different applications at the same time can download.

It is really surprising that it came in 2024, but Google Play Store can now download two different applications at the same time. So how will this help? This will save time, especially when switching to a new phone, Selected applications can be installed much faster than before. Interestingly, the Android application market, which still cannot update more than one application at the same time, is not certain, but it may soon gain multiple update support. Google before this Play Store It took a step specifically for non-governmental applications. To remember Android There are many different pests on your side. Some of these are from phones steals datasome focused on blackmail Some of them secretly sign up users to some subscriptions. Some malware focuses on stealing people’s bank information, money and personal information. Internet giant Google, which introduced another layer of security against these applications, last year PlayProtect a system “app scanning” announced that the feature would be introduced.


This system allows mobile applications to be installed from Play Store or other locations, Before it is even installed on the phone, it can be attacked by malware (Malware etc.) allowed it to be scanned against. In this way, malware in an application can be detected before it fully settles into the system. This infrastructure, which was reported to scan at the code level, seemed really important because On the Android side, people were often hit by seemingly innocent applications.

We were pleased that this infrastructure would make it easier to detect applications that appear innocent but are filled with malicious codes. Now a new security-focused test has started. For now, only within the scope of new tests based in Singapore Access permissions of applications coming from outside the Play Store are starting to be analyzed.

Within the scope of these trials “Play Protect” system will automatically block the installation of apps that use sensitive permissions often associated with financial fraud. As part of the scanning, malicious applications that require SMS access to use to log into banks / accounts will also be blocked, thus significantly increasing security against applications other than Play Store. This infrastructure will soon come to users in other countries.