Google Pixel 6a now at MediaMarkt & Saturn at the lowest price

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Grab the excellent Google Pixel 6a at MediaMarkt and Saturn at the new lowest price and you’ll get high-end performance.

That Google Pixel 6a was only released on July 28th, but you can already get it much cheaper. Google installed here top technology in a small but fine smartphone, which becomes the perfect companion in everyday life.

Directly to the offer at Saturn New low price at MediaMarkt & Saturn

Saves 160 euros: at MediaMarkt and Saturn do you get this Google Pixel 6a currently for only 399€. the RRP lies with 459 euros whole 160 euros above that. Of the Shipment is for free and all three colors are reduced.

New low price: The offer means the new low price for all three models. The variants in the colors chalk and legend are at other providers with shipping at the time not less than 413.35 euros Available for the Pixel 6 in charcoal you even pay elsewhere at least 418.99 euros. (Source:

Available in all three colors: The Google Pixel 6a!

Google Pixel 6a: Perfect Companion

At the Pixel 6a goes Google consistently continue along the path of its A series. So you get the technology that is also in the flagshipmodels comes in a slightly smaller, narrower shell. You have to make a few cuts in the camerathe integrated Storage and the refresh rate of the display, but basically what you get here high-end technology at a mid-range price.

That’s how it is with the self-made one tensor chip the same in the Pixel 6a CPU installed, which also in Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro ensures performance. the camera can also absolutely convince for this price range and benefits again from the software strengthswho get the most out of every snapshot.

With the Pixel 6a you can get a light, stylishly designed and, above all, well-equipped smartphone for just under €400 to back up!

To the offer at MediaMarkt

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