Google is launching its “Find My Device” network soon.

Google is launching its Find My Device network soon

internet giant Google, “Find My Device” network is coming online soon. This system has been long awaited and useful looks.

With the emails sent recently by Google on April 7 The new Find My Device network, which it announced will be activated in certain regions, comes with a much higher coverage than the existing Find My Device service. While the current system focuses specifically on internet-connected phones, The new system includes almost everything (Phone, wireless headset, tracking device, etc.) in the process.. In this respect, the infrastructure, which is much more useful, does not require internet because it is used for location determination. uses surrounding/nearby Android phones, where an anonymous detection process is maintained. The network, which was first announced as part of Google IO / 2023 and suffered serious delays before being put into operation, will have a wider coverage area than Apple’s Bu network because There are many, many more Android phones in the world than there are iPhones. The network, which has a feature that prevents people from being secretly tracked and can also detect Apple’s AirTags in the process, is also supported in Turkey, but there is a possibility that it will not cover Turkey in the first phase of April 7.


In terms of tracking, iOS 17.5 was on the agenda before this. Active beta testing iOS 17.5 Some discoveries in the update done. Accordingly, a new secret tracking protection may be offered with iOS 17.5, the system is now Not manufactured by Apple or Can notify people about tracking devices that do not have official “Find My” certification and those devices It may allow tracking to be blocked/turned off.

One of Apple’s warnings about this issue in iOS 17.5 reads: “This device is not approved on the Find Apple network. You can disable this item and prevent it from sharing your location with its owner. To do this, follow the instructions on the official website prepared by the manufacturer of the item.”