Google Bard is now more capable with the new update

Advanced productive AI-based chat bot Google Bardis now an even more capable assistant with new updates.

For a while Turkish language support ChatGPT rival chat bot that also has Google Bard, continues to be developed. As part of the latest update, it is currently available in English. Google Lens Features like uploading images, searching replies, getting images, and changing Bard’s replies. now expanding to over 40 new languages ​​and countries. Among the new updates of Bard, announced as the most talented model ever It also includes the ability to prepare answers in accordance with specific needs.. Bard, which has become much more successful in customizing answers, now offers more useful answers. It can also work integrated with Google’s other applications and services.. In addition, there is now a feature that allows you to double-check the answers received. “Google it” Its function has also taken its place among the new features.


As of today, Bard is now making the extensions available in English all over the world. The information needed in Google tools such as Gmail, Documents, Drive, Maps, YouTube, Google Flights and Hotels, which are constantly used in daily life, can now be found on a single screen with the Bard extension. Moreover, even if the information needed is available in more than one application and service at the same time, Bard can find it and show it to its users.

For example, a user who is planning his trip can now contact Bard in a single chat; It can ask Gmail to retrieve dates that are available for everyone, check real-time flight and hotel information, fetch directions to the airport from Google Maps, and even recommend YouTube videos about activities they can do there. Or, for example, during the process of applying for a new job, one may ask the student to find his/her most current CV in Drive documents and summarize it in the form of a short paragraph, and then use this summary in the new letter of intent being worked on.

Bard remains determined to protect personal information. If users choose to use Workspace extensions, the contents in Gmail, Docs and Drive cannot be viewed by real reviewers, nor can they be used to display ads and develop the Bard model. While users decide how they want to use the extensions, they can also control their privacy settings.


Created using the work of Google Research and Google DeepMind to review answers more easily starting today. “Google it” The function is available in English. By clicking on the “G” icon, Bard will be able to read the answer and evaluate whether there is content on the web that can confirm this answer. If you are at the point of evaluating a statement or statement, it is also possible to learn more about new content that supports or contradicts the existing statement brought by Google Search by clicking on the statement.

In addition, thanks to new updates, it becomes easier to benefit from other users’ conversations with Bard. It is now possible to share a Bard conversation with someone else through a public link and for the shared person to continue that conversation where it left off. In this way, users will be able to evaluate the chat shared with them as a starting point for their own ideas.

According to the statement made by Google, all of these new features are among the most capable devices ever. big language model introduced as Made possible thanks to updates to the PaLM 2 model. It is reported that advanced learning techniques were used to train the model to be more intuitive and creative in line with user feedback.

Whether it’s working on a creative topic, starting in a particular language and then continuing in one of more than 40 languages, or getting coding support, Bard can now respond to its users with high quality and accuracy. Bard’s new features directly from here You can start to experience it.