Gonorrhea: characteristic symptoms in women and men

Gonorrhea characteristic symptoms in women and men

Transmitted during sexual intercourse, gonorrhea is often asymptomatic until…

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae. This STI is also known as “piss hot.” Historically, it was mainly present among men under 30 but the percentage is increasingincrease in women, according to Sida info service. It is transmitted during unprotected sex with an infested person. “THE intercourse can be oral, genital or anal. It is therefore important to remember that gonorrhea can be caught after one fellatio or cunnilingus. Besides, oral sex is responsible for almost half of STIs to gonorrhea”alerts Dr Radia Djebbar, medical coordinator at the Sida info service association.

Gonorrhea without symptoms, especially in women

In women, 70% Gonorrhea STIs are asymptomatic. The woman doesn’t realize it, which encourages development and can lead to complications. “The STI is an infection of the lower genital tract, that is to say everything below the cervix. However, if nothing is done, the infection can rise and reach the uterus and fallopian tubes. Contamination of the tubes may be responsible for infertility in women”, warns Dr. Djebbar. It is also necessary to carry out a screening because women with gonorrhea can infect their baby during pregnancy. This leads to eye damage in children, mainly conjunctivitis.

What are the symptoms of gonorrhea in women?

In women, symptoms may resemble those of any other genital infection:

  • a very frequent need forurinate: “Sometimes it looks like simple cystitis.”
  • of the discharge from the vagina,
  • of the pain during intercourse,
  • of the bleeding resembling those of menstruation.

What are the symptoms of gonorrhea in men?

In humans too, the need to urinate is repeated and white urethral discharge to yellowish appear. “If the discharge occurs within a week after intercourse, we can be sure that it is a gonorrhea STI.”

Does gonorrhea cause pimples?

“No, not at all. People often equate skin lesions with STIs, but there are no skin marks in gonorrhea.”

What symptoms in the anus?

In the case of anal sex, it is possible to develop anal gonorrhea. The symptoms are as follows: itchingof the false needsa evacuation of mucusof pusof the bleeding and pain. “If we allow it to evolve, it can lead to abscess. Without treatment, symptoms may lessen over time. The person then becomes asymptomatic but the germ does not disappear.underlines Dr François Pigot, proctologist.

What symptoms in the throat?

After oral sex, and in case of gonorrhea, symptoms may occur in the throat. These resemble those of a angina with mainly pain when swallowing. Of pus and lymph nodes may also be present.

What symptoms in the mouth?

“There are no symptoms in the mouth, it’s not like herpes where pimples and gingivitis can appear”, assures Dr Radia Djebbar. The best time to get tested is one week after unsafe sex. “All women must be screened at least once in their life and the entire population must be screened after unprotected sex, if the person has another STI, or in the case of multiple partners – it is considered that there “multiple partners if there have been two partners within 12 months, recommends the medical coordinator. Finally, in the case of an STI, you treat yourself and you notify your partner(s) so that they can also treat themselves.”

Thanks to Dr Radia Djebbar, medical coordinator for the Sida info service association.