Golden Globes back in the box

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But that was last year. Now the gala looks to be invited into the heat again, it will at least be broadcast on television the next time it’s time, on January 10, 2023, reports Variety.

A big reason for the television channel NBC’s decision is assumed to be that the holding company Eldridge Industries takes over responsibility for the gala, which is technically kept outside the HFPA’s control.

The Golden Globes usually mark the start of Hollywood’s big awards season in January, but the HFPA has been heavily criticized in recent years – a criticism that exploded after a revealing article in the LA Times in February 2021. A wide range of celebrities then protested against the organization and, in particular, its lack of black members and that it was reflected in who was nominated in different classes.

The HFPA presented a series of measures, which were criticized as being far from sufficient, and NBC pulled out of the partnership and did not broadcast this year’s gala.