Golden ball: Lionel Messi crowned a seventh time!

Golden ball Lionel Messi crowned a seventh time

On the program this Tuesday: Golden Ball: Lionel Messi crowned a seventh time! Is this the most contested title? Did Messi really deserve it? Is the vote subjective? Instructions for use with Azmaal Hydoo, Mauritian journalist for Lékip, and voting for the Ballon d’Or! Messi still titled, is the value of this trophy in danger in the eyes of the players?

Donnarummat: is he stronger than Edouard Mendy? The Italian doorman, winner of the Euro, won the Yachine trophy for best goalkeeper, ahead of the Senegalese! Isn’t Edouard Mendy well-known enough in the eyes of voters?

And then the ranking of African players in this Ballon d’Or: Mohamed Salah and Riyad Mahrez! Does their ranking surprise you?

Arab Cup in Qatar: Life-size test! Presentation of the competition, 9 years after the last edition! Test for the new stadiums before the 2022 World Cup! And test for automated offside! A good idea ?

Around Annie Gasnier, Philippe Doucet, Jean-Philippe Bouchard and Nabil Djellit! Victor Uhl for the directing and Sophiane Amazian for the preparation!

See you at 4:10 PM UT!