“Go see the movie and then we’ll talk,” Chris Pratt replies

Go see the movie and then well talk Chris Pratt

Currently in promotion for the upcoming release of Super Mario Bros The Movie, Chris Pratt continues the interviews and does not hesitate to answer annoying questions. During an interview with the American media ExtraTV, the journalist returned to the controversy surrounding her vocal performance when the first trailer dropped. Many have criticized the actor for not adopting Mario’s distinctive voice and keeping his voice natural. The reactions were strong on social networks, even to the point that American Internet users (supported by major media) began to watch the French version of the trailer and find that the work produced by Pierre Tessier was more convincing, and especially closer to the voice instilled by Charles Martinet. At this controversy, Chris Pratt did not back down and invites all fans to first go see the film and then come back to discuss it with him. He even suggests watching the movie twice before getting a good listen to the intricacies in his vocal performance.

Since we have the opportunity to see the film twice almost a month ago, once in VF, then the second in VO, we can confirm that Chris Pratt’s performance as Mario is rather successful, so much so that we were surprised. Proof, moreover, that certain passages taken a little out of context can alter the final result. Of course, Pierre Tessier remains the GOAT in terms of vocal mimicry, but the one who also calls himself Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy is also a good Mario. See you on April 5 to find out if you will agree with Chris and our point of view as well.

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