Global South: this imposture for researchers in search of Marxism, by Abnousse Shalmani

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After Third Worldism which, at the time of the Cold War, advocated non-alignment; after the post-fall of the Berlin Wall movement, which boasted political, social and technical progress everywhere – in other words, liberalism for all -, here comes the time of the global South, supposed to defend a non-Western vision of the world, to fight the oppression, and building self-reliance for all. Is it so different from Third Worldism which was only a screen for authoritarianism – relative because it was not Western? Can it constitute a balancing force? Is there a brave new world that is not democratic?

Basically, what is this global South that makes French researchers orphans of Marxism salivate? A little music is settling in which, without openly welcoming the long-dreamed-of fall of the Great American Satan, hopes for a new global deal where the so-called countries of the South would no longer be exploited for their raw materials, and where their values ​​would be monetized in the same way as Western values ​​(despised). During a meeting in Alaska, between the heads of Chinese and American diplomacy, in March 2021, Yang Jiechi, director of the office of the Foreign Affairs Committee, stood up to Antony Blinken, Secretary of State, by extolling the “rights of the Chinese man”. This could sum up the counter-proposal of the Global South which so delights Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister, Hindu nationalist who, with his faithful right-hand man and Interior Minister Amit Shah, is gradually erasing the Muslim population of India, both in the right to citizenship only in history by obscuring, among others, the Muslim Mughal emperors between the 16th and 19th centuries – the Taj Mahal is therefore no longer the mausoleum of the adored wife of Shah Jahan. Brazilian President Lula, whose anti-imperialist DNA persuades him that it was the Americans and the CIA who fabricated the corruption charges against him – the idea that he perhaps shouldn’t have dipping into the fund to avoid getting caught obviously does not touch him -, now prefers the trip to Beijing and the toxic Chinese loans to Washington and its democratic postures, these preventers from cheating in peace. We could also cite the Iran of the mullahs, resolutely back in the diplomatic game on the Chinese side, zombies who only survive by drinking from the toxic source of the second path.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan plays the great balance between Russia and Ukraine, China and the United States, sultan of opportunism, who even offers himself the luxury of a virulent anti-Western speech, and manages to save its Brotherhood Islamism through the introduction of a strong dose of ultranationalism, which would make the most moderate of socialists pale if he were European, but which passes cream on the other side of the continent shameful of colonization – forgetting in passing that the Turkey was an empire with European colonies. The entire Global South is attacking Western values ​​seen as decadent and if analysts focus only on Putin’s loud anti-LGBT rhetoric, the Chinese, Indian, South African, Turkish, Iranian leaders and their cronies are all picking up the slack. litany of the homosexual responsible for all evils and dangerous for social stability. The global South is the States against their population eager for democracy. It is the nationalist and discriminatory autocracy under an assumed name which smacks of the fight against the Western dominations of the day before yesterday and the imperialism which no longer imposes much. The values ​​of the Global South are built on an anachronism that suits professionals of Western democratic destabilization from within.

Because during that time, in the West, in Europe, where self-criticism and apologies to history were born, where the desire to recognize ethnic, sexual and religious minorities and to offer a haven of peace to exiled from friendly autocracies – we have to talk to everyone because otherwise we wouldn’t be talking to anyone – the questioning of protective democratic values ​​is a spoiled child’s hobby. It is instructive to note that Islamism is losing everywhere in the Arab-Muslim world (Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Iran, etc.) but is gaining more influence every day in the West. As if the only and last way to be forgiven would be to unconsciously import here what is furiously destroying there.