Global Citizen honorary award for Niinistö – said in the speech that Finland should be ready to be active in NATO

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The Atlantic Council organization awards the award annually to persons who, according to it, have significantly strengthened transatlantic relations – i.e. between the United States and Europe -.

President Sauli Niinistö received the American Atlantic Council’s Global Citizen award for his life’s work on Monday.

Niinistö could not receive the award yourself (you switch to another service)for he attended the queen of Elizabeth II for a funeral in London. The prime minister of Sweden was also among the awardees Magdalena Andersson.

At a gala organized in New York, Niinistö’s award was received by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto (green)

The Atlantic Council is an American organization and think tank founded in 1961 that focuses on foreign and security policy and transatlantic relations.

In a videoed speech of thanks, Niinistö among other things thanked the Atlantic Council for its support to Ukraine, and said that in times of uncertainty, cooperation across the Atlantic is even more important.

– We are not only going to ask what NATO is ready to do for us, but what we are ready to do for NATO, he said.

Niinistö also described his own transatlantic relationship, and said that its roots are largely in American literature.

In addition to Niinistö and Andersson, the president of Indonesia was awarded as “citizen of the world”. Either Widodoa Google executive Sundar Pichai and actor and peace activist Forest Whitaker. In addition, the late Prime Minister of Japan received an honorable mention Shinzo Abe.