Girl abused in Norrköping

Just before 3 p.m., the police were called to Rambodal in Norrköping. A girl under the age of 18 is said to have been abused in “various ways” by one or more younger men. Among other things, she is said to have been threatened with a sharp knife and also dragged into a wooded area, where she was able to escape.

– We are in an intensive phase of the investigation work and we have a reputable resource on site, says Johnny Gustavsson, press spokesperson at the police.

The girl has not received serious physical injuries, according to the police.

The suspected crime scene has been cordoned off and a technical investigation will be carried out, including with the help of special search dogs.

– We will hold interviews with victims and witnesses on site who saw parts of the process, says Johnny Gustavsson.

The police have no information about a possible motive. A preliminary investigation into serious assault and illegal detention has been launched.