Gilad has been waiting six months for his hostage son

Gilad Korngold sits in a hotel room in Tel Aviv, Israel, waiting for signs of life from his 39-year-old son Tal, who was taken hostage by Hamas in October.
After six months, he has not given up hope.
– People forget over time, I want to remind them that I miss my son very much.

On Sunday, it is exactly half a year since Hamas carried out the deadliest terrorist attack in modern times in Israel. The war has since claimed tens of thousands of lives and the humanitarian disaster in Gaza is worsening day by day.

In a hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel, Gilad Korngold sits and waits for signs of life from his son, 39-year-old Tal Shoham. He was one of many taken hostage by Hamas on October 7. His children and wife returned home in a deal between Israel and Hamas in November, but Tal Shoham remained.

Of the 130 hostages still in the terror group’s captivity, a quarter are already feared dead.

– We hope and believe. We need to get him back, says Gilead Korngold to the TV4 News team on site.

Over 100 were killed in the kibbutz

The family lived on a kibbutz that was attacked by Hamas. Around 100 people were killed there on 7 October.

Among the residents, many still wonder why the Israeli military did not come to the rescue sooner.

– We feel let down by our army. We are still here and we are still in shock. We cannot understand it, says Ran Lev, a resident of the area.

He witnessed horrific scenes.

– They didn’t care if it was women, the elderly, children, babies. They killed everyone and burned down our houses.

Putting up pictures

Gilad Korngold is now campaigning for Israelis not to forget his son and the other hostages. During the day, among other things, he puts up pictures of his son and other hostages on the promenade.

– People forget over time. So when they go to the beach, they have to see the faces, they have to see the children who are still in Gaza. They have to see my son.

– I miss him very much.