Gigantic worm monster threatens the earth

Gigantic worm monster threatens the earth

The Japanese director Makoto Shinkai already understood it in Your Name and Weathering With You emotional and unique story with visually stunning scenes. In his film Suzume, released in 2022, we also encounter a touching story with imaginative images. The anime hit is now finally available for home cinema Collector’s Edition * and other variants appeared.

Suzume in the Collector’s Edition


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The Collector’s Edition * contains a 60-page art book, four art cards as well as comments and interviews with the director. You can also enjoy a making-of, the final scene and a special commemorative video. Suzume is also as limited steelbook * with different bonuses, and as normal Blu-ray * and DVD version * available.


Suzume Collector’s Edition

That’s what Makoto Shinkai’s fantasy film is about

17-year-old Suzume goes on a… dangerous adventure throughout Japan. Together with Souta, enchanted into a chair, she must close portals in the form of doors that rely on Sites of previous natural disasters condition. Evil that threatens the earth penetrates through this. The unusual journey is also a coming-of-age story that follows Suzume into adult life.

Suzume is one of the best films of 2023

As with the previous films, there is also great praise for Suzume. The anime received one on Rotten Tomatoes Critic score of 96 percent and the over 1,000 viewers also voted with 98 percent approval. Your Moviepilot reviews even picked Suzume up
9th place in the best films of 2023

Why the film is so exciting may lie less in the fantastic moments than in the “Beauty of the ordinary“, as our Moviepilot editor-in-chief Jenny Jecke wrote at the Berlinale:

Make more of an impression inconspicuous, warm images, which accompany Suzume’s journey. Drunk older people grinning at each other over sake and music. Curious, beaming toddlers discovering that the chair in their midst can talk. A young, incredibly beautiful man on a summer day.

Despite the constant threat, Losing everything through the disasters is what the film is about full of humor and reminds us of the ordinary people who need to be saved. That is the strength of the film and, together with the impressive images, makes it so touching.

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