Gigantic adventure epic with Hugh Jackman, which failed back then and is now returning as a completely new version

Gigantic adventure epic with Hugh Jackman which failed back then

Just last year, Baz Luhrmann achieved one of the greatest successes of his career. The biopic Elvis about the eponymous music legend turned out to be a surprise hit and brought almost $300 million into the box office. Luhrmann had less success with his most ambitious project: the adventure epic Australia.

The lavish historical film from 2008 fell far short of expectations, both from a quality and financial perspective. Now Australia has a second chance: Luhrmann has the 165-minute film converted into a six-part miniseries. Australia – The Series is coming to Disney+ in six days.

With Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman: Australia comes to life as an adventure series on Disney+

The story of Australia begins in the film as in the series with the wealthy aristocrat Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman), who comes to Australia from England in 1939 Her late husband’s cattle ranch takes over. To protect the country from the greedy cattle baron King Carney (Bryan Brown), she must team up with the rough cattle driver Drover (Hugh Jackman).

You can watch the trailer for Australia here:

Australia – The Series – S01 Trailer (German) HD

The story is told from the perspective of a boy named Nullah (Brandon Walters), who is the Stolen Generation heard. This term refers to the indigenous people of Australia who were forcibly taken from their families on the orders of the government, which constitutes a violation of human rights.

Luhrmann did not film any new scenes for Australia – The Series. Instead, he went through the material that was created for the feature film and made a completely new cut. Over 600,000 meters He and his team combed through film to tell the story in six episodes, as Variety reports.

Australia – The series is therefore more than an extended cut with new scenes. Based on Luhrmann’s paraphrases, he completely took Australia apart and reassembled it – with a conscious effort Focus on episodic storytelling. This should definitely change the rhythm of the story and provide a viewing experience that is significantly different from the original.

When does Australia – The Series start on Disney+?

Australia – The series starts on November 26, 2023 on Disney+. All six episodes will be available to stream from launch day. The new version of the film is originally titled Faraway Downs and appears on the streaming service Hulu.

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