Giant penalty to Meta over 533 million Facebook leaks

Giant penalty to Meta over 533 million Facebook leaks

roof company Meta, huge, affecting 533 million people. Facebook Europe-based giant fine over the leak took.

When the dates showed April 3, 2021, big news fell on the internet world. In April of 2021, Facebook full leaked in 2019 533 million user data published on the internet. It was stated that this data was open to everyone for a long time, but he wanted money for it, and the data was published in hacker forums in April. accessible to anyone free of charge. was shared. Among the leaked 533 million user data phone number, name, e-mail and location information was located. At that time, it was stated that some other important information was also on the list.

It has been declared that these data belong to people living in different parts of the world, only from the USA. 32 million The person’s data was leaked. Among the leaked data, 11 million people are from the UK It was also revealed that 20 million citizens of the Republic of Turkey had information.. It was among the information received that this data was obtained through the deficit that Facebook closed in August 2019.


It is precisely because of this situation Facebook roofing company Meta Irish Data Protection Commission by 265 million euros like a big fined. Along with this penalty, Meta’s Euro-based penalty total for the last 18 months 1 billion euros approached the level. The firm previously 405 million euros he was punished. directly behind this penalty. Instagram was involved.