Ghostbusters Frozen Empire was not filmed in New York

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire was not filmed in New York

In exactly two days Ghostbusters The Frozen Empire will be released, or Ghostbusters La Menace de Glace for its French title, and I had the opportunity to meet the cast of the film. Well, rather a part, since 3 weeks ago, some of the actors came to Paris to present the film in preview. This is the sequel to Ghostbusters Afterlife, or Ghostbusters Legacy in VF, released in December 2021 and which was a rather nice surprise at the time. I really liked the film which succeeded in being a subtle blend between the heritage of the past and the desire to move forward with a new generation of actors. And one thing that worked really well in the 2021 film was the young actors, the writing of their respective characters and especially their acting which was really spot on. Generally, I’m quite allergic to all these teen films where it’s overplayed, but here, it was very successful, whether it’s McKenna Grace, Finn Wolfhard and especially Logan Kim.

But the day before this evening at the Grand Rex, I was able to interview Paul Rudd, who everyone obviously knows for his role as Ant-Man slash Scott Lang in the MCU, McKenna Grace who has grown up a lot since the first episode, Finn Wolfhard who is none other than Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things. And finally, there was also Gil Kenan, the director but also screenwriter of the film, and who we also know for having directed the animated film Monster House (very good film by the way) and the Poltergeist of 2015 So quite a few people, to whom I asked as many questions as possible, knowing that I had slots of 5 minutes per actor, which is quite short in reality, because time passes very quickly. I made you a nice montage of questions and answers, and among the themes that I addressed, there is the choice of having brought this 2nd episode to the city of New York after having deported it to the countryside of ‘Oklahoma. You will see that apart from 1 or 2 scenes, the film was absolutely not shot in New York, but elsewhere.

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Of course I’m talking about the much more substantial presence of the OGs, certainly the Original Ghostbusters who are Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and Ernie Hudson, the writing of their characters. The very large number of characters in the film is also a subject that I address, as are the digital special effects which are much more numerous than in Afterlife. And I also asked what they have planned for the future!