Get the popular Star Wars spaceship from the Lego alternative

Get the popular Star Wars spaceship from the Lego alternative

Lego has been cooperating with Star Wars for 25 years and has brought great models to the market. But if you are looking for a cheaper alternative that also comes with detailed spaceships and long building fun If you are not convinced, you should take a look at the products from Mould King. Although they are not licensed, they do Spaceships from Star Wars with the authentic details very similar.

At Amazon you can find, among other things, the popular Star Destroyer *, which flies over the city of Jedha, in a comprehensive kit with 5,162 parts. 22 percent discount you can get the spaceship from Star Wars for just 132 euros.

Mould King Star Destroyer over Jedha City


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Mould King: The Star Destroyer over Jedha City

At Mould King you not only get the spaceship, but another whole cityThe kingdom of Jedha, located high up on a mountain and surrounded by walls, is known from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. With the help of transparent pillars, the spaceship hovers over the city, but can also can be easily removed. The model is 50 cm long and 32 cm high. With over 5,000 building blocks that ensure an authentic design, you can look forward to hours of building fun.

Mould King: More Star Wars spaceships on offer

Another eye-catcher in the collection is the Imperial Star Destroyer *. This one comes without a city and with fewer details, but is also more affordable. You can get the spaceship on offer at Amazon for just 72 eurosThe 42 cm long model consists of 1,845 building blocks and looks particularly good on the included stand.

Another popular spaceship from Mould King is the Republican Attack Cruisers *, for just 225 euros. The 6,685-piece model has an impressive Length of 1.2 meters and is therefore almost six times as large as the Lego set. For comparison, the Republican Attack Cruiser from Lego *, which is no longer available in regular stores, is available on Amazon for 888 euros.

For those on a tight budget or beginners who want to start with a smaller model, there is Attack cruiser also a smaller variant * for 58 euros. With 1,320 Shares This set also offers a long building fun with a good price-performance ratio.

Even though the kits are not licensed, they still impress with authentic details that are very similar to the spaceships from the Star Wars films. On Amazon, customers repeatedly report on the high quality of the bricks and that Mould King is a good alternative to Lego, even if the construction plans can be a bit tricky in some sections.

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