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The new PS5 Slim eliminates some of the design weaknesses of the original console. At Coolblue you can now get them cheaper alone or in a bundle.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is without question the most popular console of the current generation. Absolute top hits like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 or Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, which will be released at the end of February, are only available here when they are released. In 2023 there was a visual update with the PS5 Slim, which made the console smaller and narrower overall. Coolblue now offers the slim version with and without a second DualSense controller:

That’s how good the offer is

The PS5 Slim is really cheap at Coolblue, both in a bundle and solo. In both cases you save a whopping €80.99 compared to the RRP. Shipping is also completely free, so there are no hidden costs. In the almost 3 months since the launch of the slim version, it is only the second time that the price has fallen below the sound barrier of €470. In general, prices below €500 are clearly an exception.

The PS5 Slim can do that

The current generation of consoles had to struggle with a few starting problems. Initially, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S were notoriously sold out or only available at exorbitant prices. The market has now relaxed and there are already tons of first-class games that can be played exclusively on the “new” consoles.

The PS5 is clearly ahead in terms of popularity and sales figures. Sony is once again relying heavily on its own brands and has, among other things Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, God of War: Ragnarok, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Final Fantasy 16 Some of the best games of the last few years have been released exclusively on your own console. On February 29th it’s up Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth already the next potential cracker in the house.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth releases February 29th!

The PS5’s design was bold from the start, but also a bit clunky. This is exactly where the PS5 Slim comes in and now presents the popular console in a smaller and narrower version, which means it fits much better on the shelf. There is also the DualSense, which is probably the most exciting controller on the market at the moment. Alternatively, you can simply do so at Coolblue order the bundle with a second DualSense.

To the offer at Coolblue

Here you can see the new PS5 Slim in action:

Check out the new slim model of the PS5 in the video

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