Get the best offers from Google Days now

Google now offers its own ecosystem with the Pixel smartphones, smartwatches and Buds, which is now reduced in Google Days.

This is the action: MediaMarkt and Saturn have started Google Days. Until March 31st you can get your hands on a large selection of products from the US manufacturer for less as part of the promotion. You can get straight to the whole campaign here:

The Google Days at MediaMarkt Google Days: These are the best offers

Regardless of whether you have been in Google’s Pixel ecosystem for a long time or just want to get started, you will find the right deals at MediaMarkt’s Google Days.

Smartphones: Of course, it starts with the actual highlights in the range, the cell phones. Google has secured a good reputation and its own niche in the competitive smartphone market for a few years.

The Pixel 8 has one of the best cell phone cameras ever.

Pixel is now synonymous with practical everyday cell phones a great camera, a stylish design and the best Android experience with a moderate price combine. Four models in different colors are reduced in the campaign:

Accesories: In addition to cell phones, Google also offers suitable peripherals in the form of smartwatches and Bluetooth headphones. They are of course also compatible with devices from other manufacturers, but work best in a network. You can grab the following devices on offer now:

The new Pixel Tablet: Last year, Google also launched its own tablet. What’s cool here is that the included charging dock also doubles as a speaker. You can also use the tablet as a practical center for your smart home. The tablet currently only costs €549 instead of €679.

You can find even more offers and information on the overview page:

About the campaign at MediaMarkt

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