Germany to the medal games! Switzerland, which was considered the pre-favorite, melted again in the playoffs – also Kari Jalonen’s Czech out of medal contention

Germany to the medal games Switzerland which was considered the

Germany lost its star defender, but still managed a 3-1 victory over Switzerland, which was among the early favorites. In the second quarter-final, the United States beat Kari Jalonen’s Czech Republic 3–0.

Switzerland’s flight in the World Hockey Championships ended in the first playoff round, when they unexpectedly lost to Germany 1–3.

The Alpine country was considered one of the biggest championship favorites of the Games, and it won Group B with a four-point margin over Canada, which it defeated 3–2 in the opening group match between the countries.

Switzerland bounced out of the quarterfinals a year ago as group one. At that time, USA was better with goals 3–0. Two years ago, Germany eliminated Switzerland, who had reached the second place in the group, in the quarterfinals at the end of the shootout.

– Those Germans again! Switzerland’s medal dream shattered in the World Cup quarterfinals, headlines Swiss media Blick.

Switzerland took the shots of the match 30–23.

Germany took the lead in the first period when Switzerland’s goalkeeper Robert Mayer would absorb by Maximilian Kastner from a direct attack in the time of the shot bet 6:25.

Switzerland immediately equalized in the opening minute of the second period when Jason Siegenthaler shot the puck into the goal. Germany was able to roll six minutes of supremacy, when the Swiss conqueror Andres Ambuhl took a 2+2 minute penalty for high stick and Enzo Corvi for the same reason the second right after.

Germany was not allowed to create dangerous situations with superior force. After this, Germany’s number one pack For Moritz Seider a 5+20 minute penalty was awarded.

Switzerland was also unable to take advantage of its superiority, and then the German crisis began. In time 37.51 John Peterka put Germany back in the lead and Nico Sturm made it 3-1 on a power play just under a minute later.

Germany is playing in the medal games for the second time in three years. Its previous World Cup medal is the silver won by West Germany in 1953. In 2018, it reached Olympic silver.

Kari Jalonen’s Czech choir

Germany will face the USA, who won, in the semi-final Kari Jalonen coached by the Czech Republic 3–0. On time 12.04. Matt Coronato was sharp near the goal and luckily shot past the puck through the skates of two Czech players Karel Vejmelkan.

The U.S. increased its lead to 2–0 when the team won the faceoff, and By Nick Perbix the shot went easily into the goal guarded by Vejmelka.

Cutter Gauthier made it 3–0 in the third period.

Jalonen has been the head coach of the Czech Republic since March 2022. At last year’s World Championships, the Czech Republic celebrated the World Championship bronze after a ten-year break.